Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to proper dental care, regular visits to seasoned dental clinics like 1728 Dental’s Jurong East Dental Clinic won’t always suffice. Undoubtedly, routine visits to 1728 Dental’s Jurong East Dental Clinic would prove futile if you don’t practice the right oral habits on a consistent basis.

While seemingly straightforward, there is actually more to oral care than meets the eye. For instance, the act of brushing the teeth alone is not enough. Surprised? Many people often are.

If truth be told, mere brushing is not enough. Aside from utilising proper brushing techniques, you also need to make sure you brush for at least 2 minutes to ensure thorough cleaning.


Below are some of the most prevalent tooth brushing mistakes you should steer clear of at all cost:


Not picking the right toothbrush


This is no doubt a basic. Unfortunately, many people don’t get this one right all the time. When it comes to toothbrushes, not any toothbrush will do. When buying a toothbrush, make sure you avoid those with hard bristles as they might damage those delicate gum tissues.  As a general rule of thumb, opt for a toothbrush marked “soft” and pick a shape or size that can easily and comfortably fit in your mouth.


Not replacing the toothbrush often enough


Do you wait for your toothbrush to become so worn out before buying a replacement? If so, you should reconsider. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends getting a new toothbrush after every 2 to 3 months.


In addition, once you notice your toothbrush’s bristles start to look frayed, take that as your cue to get a new one. Keep in mind that old brushes simply aren’t that effective when it comes to removing plaque.


Not using the proper tooth brushing technique


The American Dental Association considers “gently moving the brush back and forth in short (tooth-wide) strokes” as the best technique. In addition, make sure you hit the outer and inner surfaces of each tooth as well as the chewing surfaces with short strokes. When brushing the front teeth, tilting the brush vertically and making several up-and-down strokes is the best way to go.


Not brushing long enough


Not everyone may be aware of it but brushing long enough is crucial. Some toothbrush timers in the market recommend brushing for a minute. However, according to the ADA, that won’t be enough time to thoroughly get rid of all the gunk that’s accumulated in your chompers. As per the ADA, brushing for 2 minutes twice daily is ideal. When needed, set a timer so you are sure you hit the proper time mark.


Not brushing the tongue


For many, brushing the tongue might seem (and feel) a bit odd. However, if truth be told, it is a vital part of oral care. After brushing your teeth, make sure you also drag your toothbrush across your tongue to remove any bacteria that can cause bad breath or tooth decay. If you want, you can also purchase a tongue scraper from your local health store or pharmacy.


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