Support For The Suffering

Welcome to the beginning of a non-profit community dedicated to helping those who suffer, especially physically. We are here to support one another and find the truths about life & suffering together.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. We understand you & suffer just like you. We want to get to know you & be there for you. No one should have to suffer alone & now you won't.

The Sentient Life Isn't Easy

The truth is the world is broken-we are broken. We are bleeding, aching, crying & needing. Life is hard on all of us & life's pain adds up quickly. But it doesn't end there: Life is "a vale of soul-making". Keep Fighting.

Your Life Is A Story

Every great story needs conflict, trial, pain & loss because it is often only then, through our toughest experiences in TSL, can true life giving change, purpose & education toward empathy begin.


Friends, Family, Visitors, The Curious, The Hopeful, The Hopeless, The Lost, The Found, The Suffering, The Healthy, The Depressed, The Joyful–Every Living, Breathing, Feeling, Sentient Human Being, WELCOME To The Sentient Life.

This blog is my heartfelt, sincere and humble effort to help any and everyone.

I want to raise awareness of the physical and mental effects of suffering and reveal life’s Truth along the way.

I want to start a movement where all soon become aware that they are sentient, what that means, what a sentient life looks and feels like, and how to not just cope with it, but live with it as well as one can.

I want “The Sentient Life” to be a phrase everyone will be so familiar with that they will have a more comprehensive and helpful understanding of how being aware that we are aware can lead to a more meaningful and beautiful life. And I want us all to help each other through with (or without) God’s help.

Am I Christian? Yes.

Will I talk about God a lot? Yes.

Do I believe The Sentient Life’s Truth to be only for the religious? No.

This is about story, us being characters in a story, and what that means: suffering and its effects and affects on all of us. And I mean ALL of us.

It is my hope for there to be chatrooms someday, where people of faith can talk freely and people who don’t believe can talk freely. Until then, and even then, my number one rule is for us to be respectful of everyone. This life is tough enough as it is, let’s not add to it, but support one another in respect and love and kindness.

“Volumes are now written and spoken upon the effect of the mind upon the body. Much of it is true. But I wish a little more was thought of the effect of the body on the mind.” Florence Nightingale

Everyone asks me “What does ‘Sentient’ mean again?”

“What is ‘The Sentient Life’?”

I know it is not a common word. But through my work here I hope it will be, especially once you understand it.

Trust me, once it really sinks into not just your mind, but your heart, it just might be all you think about, and you never really noticed that until now.

If you have ever felt anything, then you are sentient.

If you have suffered, then you are sentient.

If you have ever thought or contemplated, then you are sentient.

If you have ever been awake anywhere between midnight and five am thinking, about everything, then you are sentient.

You are living The Sentient Life every minute of every day.


Sentient \Sen”ti*ent\, a. [L. sentiens, -entis, p. pr. of

1) To discern or perceive by the senses. See {Sense}.]

2) Having a faculty, or faculties, of sensation and perception.

3)Sentient \Sen”ti*ent\, n.
One who has the faculty of perception; a sentient being.


sentient |ˈsenCH(ē)ənt|adjective

1) Able to perceive or feel things: she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms.

The particularly most important thing about being sentient, to me, more often than not, is that not only do you know you are suffering (able to feel), but you can over-analyze why and how and what to do or not do about it (able to perceive).

Knowing, being aware, that you are suffering is what leads to those endless “after midnight thoughts” about it, but those are exactly what can lead you to The Truth About Suffering as well.

Knowing we are sentient, and understanding what that means, especially when we suffer can, I hope and have personally learned, reveal Truths About Suffering. And these Truths can make life feel deeper, more meaningful, more purpose driven, and more like living even when suffering.

It is often only through our toughest experiences in this sentient life, can change, true change, into being kinder, more content, and joyful people be possible, even amid great pain and tragedy in life.

This blog is a collection of my reactions and responses to life (often most specifically suffering) and the Truths about life and suffering that have been revealed to me–Truths I can’t help but feel called to share.


There is not a human being alive who is not living The Sentient Life. There is not a sentient being who doesn’t have after midnight thoughts about life’s suffering. This is just my Sentient Life.

However, even though this is my Sentient Life, that is not what it is all about. It is about us. All of us.

Through these ramblings I hope you begin to feel and know you are not alone in these circumstances and emotions. You are not alone in The Sentient life. We have God (or not) and we have each other. We are all just trying to navigate it the best we can.

I truly hope, with all my heart and being, that this blog helps you in ANY way. I pray God gives us His endless Grace and Peace and Love as we go.

Through this site and the movement we will start, I plead on His behalf that all, especially those who are greatly suffering, may not only learn but unequivocally feel and believe and know that they, you, we, are loved and liked, noticed and appreciated, understood and wanted.

No one should have to suffer alone, and now, hopefully, you don’t have to.

We are here, for you, and we want you to be a part of this movement, this family.

We are all sentient and we will be sentient together.


We welcome you with open arms and minds and hearts to The Sentient Life.

If any of this interests you, please feel free to look around.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts, feelings, reactions, perceptions and stories relating to The Sentient Life, your after midnight thoughts about suffering, and any truths you may ha e learned along the way. I would be more than happy to share your thoughts with everyone here.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts. I hope you stick around and check out some of the posts and comments and links.

And if you are feeling brave, please introduce yourself and tell us your story: comment, email me, find this blog on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Make yourself known.

We would love to have you join the movement.

If not, we are glad you came and we wish you the absolute best.

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